SGA brings “March Madness” to ILS


Bianca Sanz, Writer

For the month of March, SGA will be sponsoring a month of class spirit dress themes and activities for all students to participate in beginning on March 1st. The spirit-filled month is called “March Madness,” but not like the basketball tournament.

Every week SGA officers will email the student body, notifying ILS students of the upcoming themes or activities. Each week in March is designed by each grade, but the whole school community is welcomed to participate in the weeks theme.

Here’s the schedule for March Madness:

  • Week 1, March 1-5, the junior class will be hosting “Wellness Week.
  • Week 2, March 8-12, the freshman class will be hosting “Tropical Week.”
  • Week 3, March 15-19, the sophomores will be hosting “Spy Week.”
  • Week 4, March 23-26, the seniors will be hosting “Our Favorite Themes Week.”

This past week the juniors kicked off March Madness with “Wellness Week.” Junior Jude Servius provided motivational speeches each morning, which helped present the day’s theme.

“I think every student should focus on their mental health, especially during this time, and I’m glad that the junior class is taking self care into consideration for their theme,” said junior Alyssa Vega.

The week started off with “Motivational Monday,” which included Pajama dress down day, feel-good music during lunch with ice-cream topping station for the yellow cohort.

Tuesday was themed “Talk About it Tuesday.” The attire of the day was monochrome outfit dress down and had F block activities such as Letters of Appreciation and Vision Boards also for the yellow cohort.

Wednesday was an all virtual day but Thursday started the green cohort with Think about it Thursday. It was also monochrome outfit dress down where the juniors encourage the student body to wear a color that makes you calm.

And finally to end Wellness Week, Feel Good Friday, which was also Pajama Dress down day.

Throughout the week there were also Mental Health Awareness posters around the school.

Junior Miranda Navarro also stated, “Even though the activities were small, I was able to remain motivated throughout school. Jude’s motivational speech on the morning announcements in pi’s red to me try my best in keeping up with school.”

This week’s theme is “Tropical Week” hosted by the freshman class.

Monday March 8th and Thursday March 11th will be a Lilo and Stitch-themed dress down where students are allowed to wear Hawaii shirts and other Catholic school appropriate tropical accessories.

Tuesday March 9th and Friday March 12th will be a Teen Beach Movie-themed dress down where students and Disney’s Teen Beach Movie will be played during lunch,

Although Wednesday is a virtual day, the freshman class will be having a virtual ILS spirit rock painting contest.

Information about the sophomore and senior-hosted weeks are to come. Remember to participate in all the activities and have a great March Madness!