Last Days of March Madness Were a Blast


Bianca Sanz, Writer

A few days back was the last week of March Madness and the ILS community celebrated the last two days with Mass and ILS Spirit Days on Thursday and Bright Futures on Friday.

On Thursday, March 25, ILS kicked off the day with a celebration of the Feast of the Annunciation with an outdoor Mass.

Last on in the day, the seniors kicked off the pep rally with their first and last run onto the ILS field. Each grade was separated by their class colors in their assigned sections.

The pep rally was hosted by seniors Yaniel Rodriguez and Charlie Ramos. SGA created a friendly competition between the grades with different activities such as a hula hoop contest, water ballon toss, and a relay race around track.

“The senior board wanted to somehow recreate homecoming week, because a lot of the seniors were not on campus last semester. So we picked some of the events, and days, we might have missed out on, and also added some other ones as well,” said senior Charlize Ramos.

Since it was some of the freshman’s first week at school, it was a perfect opportunity for them to experience what ILS is truly about.

“We were all happy to see the underclassmen show a lot of their school spirit in the events during the pep rally and I hope they enjoyed it even though it wasn’t the most ideal situation,” said Ramos.

On Friday, March 26, was the last day of March Madness, Bright Futures. Bright Futures meaning students dress up as what they envision as their future profession, not the scholarship. Some examples given were teacher, doctor, chef, etc.

Although it was a new idea brought to ILS, students did a fantastic job dressing up.

So as one of the last events the seniors are going to experience, it was definitely one for the books!