How to Prepare For Finals


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Finals will be occurring June 3rd to the 9th, with one day for make ups. If a student has a final GPA in a class of 90 or above, they don’t have to take the final for that class though.

Seeing as half of the school hasn’t truly experienced finals, here are some tips for the upperclassmen on how to prepare for them:

1. Make Quizlets

Quizlets are an easy way to study. You can make your own or use someone else’s. Quizlet has functions to imitate a test and allow you to review by yourself so it’s a perfect option for individual review.

2. Make Kahoots

Kahoots are a great and fun way to review the information you’ve learned throughout the year. You can play along with fellow classmates or friends and make it into a competition as to who remembers the most information from class. 

3. Have a study group with friends 

Having a study group with friends helps you stay focused while being with your friends. You and your group could sit in a cafe and enjoy some coffee while studying with each other. With a group you could quiz each other and use flash cards, making the process of studying go faster. 

4. Practice math problems 

For math, all you have to do is practice. The best to do this is by reviewing math problems and finding some online to try out.

5. Review notes and Crash Course

In general, a great thing to do is review notes. Revisiting notes can serve as a refresher for all classes and can help you retain information better. Crash Course is also a great tool.

 “I recommend using Crash Course because it’s an easy way to refresh and review topics without having to overwork yourself,” said junior, Amy Lam about the YouTube channel.   

It summarizes topics into short videos filled with information in which you can also take notes on and review later on. 

Good luck, Royals!