ILS Gets It’s Spirit Back: HoCo week


A visual of what to expect for hoco week. Here is a colorful collage of all of the themes spirit week has to offer. Illustration by Senior Allison Perez.

Laura Berry, Writer

From energetic pep rallies to interactive and competitive color wars, ILS homecoming week is the five days out of the year where students are able to show true school spirit. Each day has a themed attire to based on the grade. What really makes students want to go all out is the competition of for grade shows the most school spirit. To make sure every grade has a fair shot at winning, here is everything you need to know about homecoming week.

This day starts off homecoming with a splash of color and fun with its series of competitive games, in which students from each grade compete to win prizes and points for their class. Each grade is also assigned a color to wear for that day. On this day, there is also “La Salle In Color,” where students run through colored powders. The color attire for each grade is as follows:

Freshmen– Purple




“Color war is my favorite day of homecoming week because it’s super fun and there are many fun games and great energy,” said senior Juancho Martinez.

“I’m super excited for color wars,” said freshman Camila Herrmann.

Think about what you wanted to be when you were little. Maybe a wizard, president, mermaid or a chef? Whatever it may be, on this day you get to fulfill your childhood dreams by dressing up as what you wanted to be when you were 6.

“When I was 6, I wanted to be an astronaut,” said senior Emiliana Antelo.

On this day, ILS is transforming into an Enchanted Royal High School based on Disney World’s theme park, Magic Kingdom. Each grade is assigned a different “land” or area style from Magic Kingdom. For copyright reasons, we can’t call the areas by name, but you’ll get the gist. Here are different ideas for what come dressed:

Freshman-WILD WEST

-Toy Story (Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, etc.)


Indiana Jones
The Jungle Book -Jumanji

Juniors-planet future

Star Wars
Monsters, Inc.
-Buzz Lightyear

Seniors- Royal palace

-fantasy characters -fairy

Remember to stay on DISNEY theme for this day!

“I’m planning on being Ariel for theme day because she was my favorite princess growing up,” said senior Sarah Arcia.

For this day, students dress up as either a villain or a hero of any movie, comic, story, play, TV show, etc.

Freshman and Sophomores-HEROS

Juniors and Seniors-VILLAINS

On this day, students get to represent their school spirit by wearing the colors for ILS. There is a pep rally to get ready for the football game consisting of sport recognition, games, Lionettes, and cheer team performances. Go all out by wearing anything green or gold. Students can purchase goody bags with accessories and face paint, so make sure to try and purchase them if you don’t feel like going out to buy them. The app has been pushed to all iPads.

“My favorite day is Green and Gold day because everyone has a lot of school spirit,” said junior Anabella Hernandez.

After a long year of quarantine and virtual school, ILS finally has all its students back on campus. Students, it’s up to you to make this homecoming week memorable by showing off your best school spirit. So come dressed and high spirited for homecoming week.

“Dress up because homecoming week only happens in high school, and in the future you want to look back and see you and your friends being the most decked out,” said senior Executive Board president, Ignacio Gamero.

Happy homecoming!