Latin American Culture Club Hosts Tequeños by the Breezeway


The Latin American Culture club hosted their event on the breezeway.

Camilla Diez, Editor

On Tuesday, November 19 the ILS Latin American Culture Club hosted “Tequeños by the Breezeway” after school for all students to enjoy.

The Latin American Culture Club, founded by Mr. Cristian Balharry, is a club that allows the Latin Americans from ILS to come together and share their cultures with each other.

“The Latin American Club wants all members to be acquainted with our roots and feel proud and enthusiastic about our heritage. To know more about what means to be Latin and how to preserve our traditions and spirituality,” said Mr. Balharry.

This club decided to host “Tequeños by the breezeway” after school. This event was meant to be a happy event together as a community.

“The main purpose is to share and celebrate a happy event, in spite of any difficult political situations that may be affecting our countries,” said Mr. Balharry.

Since many of the club members are Colombian and Venezuelan, they decided to celebrate the day of the Patroness Virgen de la Chiquinquira with typical Venezuelan food, Tequeños.

They didn’t expect such a great outcome. These events are not just for club members but as well as for all students.

“The student participation was impressive and we felt that we had accomplished our idea of celebrating as a family,” said Mr. Balharry.

The Latin American Culture Club keeps students grounded with their roots, and allows them to feel proud from where they are. “Tequeños by the Breezeway” was a great opportunity for the ILS family to connect to their countries.