ILS Introduces New Uniform Hoodies


Holland Ramos, Writer

The push for school-approved hoodies has been long coming. ILS students have long desired a hoodie to be added to the school uniform, and finally, one is available for purchase.

On January 21, Ms. Varese sent out an email regarding the launch of the new school issued hoodies that would be sold during green and yellow cohort lunches. The hoodies sport a simple black design with “ILS” in gold across the front. The school’s golden lion head logo is next to the “I” in “ILS.” 

The hoodies are on sale for $35.00, and if there is still a demand after the first batch sold out, the school would look to add this item to the online campus store.

On February 2, 2021 Mrs. Kelly Gold sent out an email announcing that: “Due to the popular demand we are happy to inform you that we have restocked the ILS Hoodies and they now can be purchased through The Campus Store.”

Many students are very excited to be able to wear hoodies to school now, even if that is a school issued one. 

SGA president, Charlize Ramos said: “I’m very happy after nearly four years of being at ILS that we can finally wear hoodies and be extra comfortable while at school!”

Mrs. Gold is the person to thank for getting these hoodies in stock. These new hoodies serve as the purpose to keep students warm, fashionable, and maybe even decrease numbers of students out of dress code.

The hoodies, along with other ILS merchandise can be found on the campus store website: