Fourth Quarter Events


Camilla Diez, Editor

On Monday March 1st, Sister Kim sent out an email regarding events that will take place throughout the fourth quarter, many of which will take place socially distant.

Throughout the school year more and more students have been welcomed back on campus. Now, the school is taking a further step and is allowing events to take in place is school while following all safety protocols.

Currently, there are 873 students registered at ILS, having 290 students virtual, 460 students on campus two days a week, and 123 seniors on campus four days a week. With this, ILS is preparing to allow freshman to come in four days a week for the fourth quarter,

“Trying to open the campus with more students while remaining in compliance with guidelines to maintain social distancing, the administration felt it was necessary to bring our Seniors on campus for their last semester at ILS and the Freshmen class who have never had the opportunity to be on campus as a class their first year in high school,” said Sister Kim in the email.

Many events will slowly start taking place such as retreats and awards. But most importantly, seniors will be having a graduation and a celebration.

“As a senior I’m so happy that we are able to have a graduation and unite as a class one last time before saying our last goodbye,” said senior Carla Valdano. “Even if this means that we all age to be spread out, socially distant, across the field,” she added.

This year, awards such as Athletic awards and academic awards will take place on campus, as well as the junior ring ceremony.

Most of these events had to be cancelled last school year. But now with the new CDC guidelines, ILS students are able to physically attend these events.

“We are very lucky to have the opportunity to go back on campus two days a week while remaining socially distant,” said junior Emiliana Antelo. “There is nothing like being able to sit in our classrooms and be reunited with our friends,” she added.

Seniors were already able to experience Mass last month, and now freshman and Sophomores will have that opportunity in the month of May.

Students and teachers at ILS are slowly but surely getting to experience events that were celebrated in the past, but this time following the new normal.