Incoming Freshman Take Placement Exams

Sophia Rabelo, Writer

On Saturday March 6th, incoming freshman for Immaculata-La Salle took their placement exams. 

Due to COVID-19, the normal proceedings that would usually take place during the placement exam had to change. Many of the same precautions and tactics that students have to take part in for school were used during the exam for the safety of these soon to be ILS students.

Students were required to partake in a temperature check, health-screening survey, and hand sanitizing after leaving their cars and before entering classrooms. Masks were required at all times and desks remained six feet apart.

Another change from previous years was the fact that there were no student ambassadors were on campus to help guide the incoming freshmen to their classrooms or the restrooms. Ms. Serratore, who helped plan the event, said 

“We do not want our current students with students from other schools that do no have same protocols,” said ILS Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Mrs. Luisa Serratore.

Besides all the protocols put in place, the day went on as it usually would. ILS teachers proctored the test, following all COVID-19 protocols. This gave them a chance to survey their possible next students for next year and get a head start on establishing teacher-students relationships.

Many ILS students remember how nervous they were when they took this important test.

Freshman Mason Tejeda, who took the test just not that long ago, says these words of advice: “Succeeding with your own efforts is the greatest joy you could have.”