ILS Cheer Celebrates Senior Night


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Victoria Betancourt, Writer

The ILS Cheer celebrated the end of their season with a Nationals Showcase in the school gym plus Senior Night. 

The girls and their closest friends and family convened in the school gym Friday, March 19 after school to showcase and record for Nationals. Beforehand, the girls also celebrated Senior a Night. 

They honored their nine seniors: Captain Sofia Peñas, Co-Captains Maria Castro and Ana V Salazar, Social Media Captain Camila Casique, Monse Vivas, Kaitlyn Laurido, Alexia Menendez, Isabella Sacasas, and Tiffany Reyes. 

“We were all excited to take the mat with each other one last time, but sad that it was the end,” said co-captain Ana V Salazar about the experience.

After honoring the seniors the girls performed for their audience twice, doing their routine from start to end two times. They did a relatively good job. In addition to this, the girls had a surprise for one another at the end. The seniors made a goodbye video to the rest of the team and the returning girls made one for the seniors. 

The girls were back on campus the next day to finish off filming, hitting their routine the last time they did it together. If they make it to finals, they might meet together the day of finals to find out the results together. 

Meanwhile, the team is already speaking about next season. They are currently looking for a new assistant coach and have decided on official try out dates. The current dates are April 31 to May 2. 

“My advice is to enjoy every moment and practice that you get,” said Salazar.

If interested in trying out for the sister squad, check their Instagram bio and click the link in their bio to keep updated on try out information. If you have any questions, feel free to email Head Coach Coral at