Kanye releases highly anticipated album: “Jesus is King”


Sebastian Wolfe, Writer

The wait is over for Kanye Wests newest album. Many thought it would never come out but Kanye finally released the highly anticipated album, “Jesus is King.” 

Kanye released the album on October 25, 2019. The album was supposed to release at midnight however it was delayed but Kanye assured the people that the album would come out on that day. Later that day at 11:00 am Kanye finally released the album to the public.

The album took about over a year to finalize and create. Kanye recorded a song in Africa outside with the nature in the background, and also used many samples that have been long awaited to be officially released and on a song.

The album consisted of 11 songs, Every Hour, Selah, Follow God, Closed on Sunday, On God, Everything We Need, Water, God is, Hands on, Use This Gospel, and Jesus is Lord. 

This album is not your typical Kanye West album. Throughout the entire duration of the album he is praising god and encouraging others to do the same. 

Kanye has decided to not use any strong language in this album or any music he is going to make in the future until further notice due to his new found faith and beliefs

At first some did not know what to think because they weren’t expecting songs about Jesus and God, they were expecting songs by the old Kanye. As time went on, the public opinion started getting more positive and people were embracing the music and enjoying it.

His most popular song off the album is “Follow God.” The song resembles his old work a lot so it is no surprise people like it a lot. 

The entire album is very good and the best part about it is it is appropriate to play these songs pretty much anywhere.

Kanye has had a massive conversion the past couple of years and he has changed himself as a man so more power to him and hopefully he continues down this path.