Taking a Test in the Makeup Room


Alvaro Amat, Writer

It sounds like something in a department store, but the makeup room at ILS is a useful space for students who have missed an assessment to catch up with their work. It hasn’t always been that way, as makeup quizzes and tests used to be arranged with the teachers themselves. Now, teachers deposit the assessment in the makeup room, and students go to that room after school where the assessment will be proctored.

Recently, an email about the makeup room went out to clarify procedures.

The first thing students need to keep in mind is, it’s the student’s responsibility to follow-up with his or her teacher to ensure the makeup assessment is ready  in the makeup room. It’s recommended the student send an email to the teacher the morning he or she returns to school from the absence.

If you’re going to makeup an assessment, you need to report to the makeup room by 3 PM. Even if the assessment is a short quiz, if you’re not at the makeup room by 3 PM, you’ll be turned away. That might result in a student receiving an NMU grade, “not made up.”

It’s important to remember, makeup assessments take precedence over all sports practices and club or honor society meeting. Makeups also take precedence over after-school doctor’s appointments.

Students must arrive prepared to take the makeup assessment. Bring pens or pencils and any other items allowed to be used during the assessment, such as periodic table, calculator, etc. The makeup room moderator is not responsible for supplying these items for the students.

In the event that the student has extended time for the assessment, he or she needs to finish that exam on the same day the test or quiz was assigned.

Lastly, students have the same number of calendar days, not class days, they were absent to makeup missing assessments. What that means is, if a student is absent on a Wednesday and returns to school Thursday, that student must make up the missing assessment on Thursday he or she has returned to school.

Questions about these procedures should be referred to the teachers, or the assistant principal and Dean of Academics, Mrs. Serratore.