How to change up your closet without buying new clothes


Lia Sarria, Writer

Many teens and adults have been so bored during this pandemic which has led to a lot of online shopping. As fun as that sounds it’s also expensive. Even though many stores are having sales online, it will eventually all add up to a lot of money.

Maybe your just bored of the clothes you have or want to change up your style completely.

There is a way you can do this without spending money on new clothes. You can draw, tie, or cut your clothes to make them look different. If you have any old shoes drawing on them first can be great practice.

A good app to get inspiration is Pinterest. They have all different types of style on there for everyone.

A lot of us look up to celebrities when deciding what our fashion choices should be.

When Junior Alexandra Soler was asked what celebrity she looks up to in fashion she replied, “I look up to Travis Scott’s aesthetic, even though he is a boy it inspires me.” 

Drawing on the clothes or shoes your bored of is a great way to express yourself. The only money you would need to spend is on fabric markers or sharpies, depending on how serious you are about this.

You can also just use paint but that might be a little more messy.

When drawing on denim or any fabric it’s better to start with pencil before, incase you mess up. It can get frustrating when the pencil won’t show up on the fabric but patience is key.

Bobby pins are a cool accessory a lot of people in the fashion world have been using when doing at home changes on their clothing.

When cutting your clothes make sure you put whatever your cutting on your body, make a mark on where you want to cut it, than take it off, and start cutting. Taking your time during all of this is crucial.

I suggest doing this when your relaxed and not frustrated because it can become a hassle but the end product is 100% worth it. Good luck to everyone and have fun while changing up your closet!