ILS Celebrates Catholic Schools Week

ILS Celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Lia Sarria, Writer

This past week (January 31st through February 6th) was Catholic Schools Week. At ILS, the theme was: “Faith. Excellence. Service.”

Even through social distancing, as an ILS family catholic schools week can still be celebrated. Every day of the week was dedicated to who we serve as Catholics:

  • Sunday: Celebrating Your Parish
  • Monday: Celebrating Your Community
  • Tuesday: Celebrating Your Students
  • Wednesday: Celebrating the Nation
  • Thursday: Celebrating Vocations
  • Friday: Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers
  • Saturday: Celebrating Families

Although each day you are celebrating something new in the end all of it comes together to make you better. Schools celebrate this week to model students into good citizens and teach others how to treat their neighbors and God. 

Principal Sister Kim believes “Catholic Schools Week is a great time to highlight the gift of Catholic education and to recognize the great work our students and teachers do every day of the year.”

ILS’ mission statement is “provide the highest quality of catholic education based on the Gospel and St. John Bosco’s educational philosophy in a student-centered, active learning environment” which we celebrate during this week wonderful week.

It’s a wonderful time at ILS to let the joy and light of Don Bosco’s spirit shine for everyone to see.

As a community and family, it is our job to serve and offer the Salesian charism that is brought out so strongly during Catholic schools week.

“I feel high school students care about this week, because at the end the of day it does not hurt you to just give up a little time for a week and help others while spreading the good word,” said Senior Ana Marrero.

Catholic Schools Week has been a long tradition and will hopefully never stop inspiring students.