Content Cattle Farm


Isabella Black, Features Editor

As one of the biggest music festivals in the US, Coachella entertains the biggest influencers, celebrities and the general public. Some of the most popular artists and bands perform at the festival but the music isn’t the only thing that attendees and spectators look forward to. There is a certain pressure on Coachella outfits. Everyone wants to have a show-stopping wardrobe and no one wants to end up on the worst dressed list. 

Brands see the festival as the perfect advertising outlet. For the past few years, brands have been inviting various influencers to Coachella. The contracts vary; however, the majority promise three things: VIP passes, housing, and whatever product the brand or company is selling. In turn the influencers post and promote the product on their socials. 

One of this year’s brands that saw a great marketing opportunity in the festival was Revolve. Revolve is a Los Angeles based clothing brand. They sell clothing from over 500 different brands and designers. They called the collaboration “Revolve Festival.” 

Revolve Festival was an invite only party, not associated with Coachella but rather Coachella adjacent. This year’s Revolve Festival was an utter disaster for the majority of people invited. While A list celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Timothée Chalamet were given the “paradise” they were promised, most influencers invited didn’t even make it to the event. 

Various influeners went on social media and shared their experiences. Madeleine White was one influencer to come out with her point of view. In her view she shared a screenshot of what she was offered. (picture bellow)

Madeleine White’s Revolve Festival Invitation (Madeleine White)

“We would love to invite Maddie to #REVOLVE Festival and provide her with 2 VIP wristbands and a $2k clothing credit in exchange for the below,” sent revolve to White’s team.

White said that the $2000 store credit was “not from their whole website, just from a list of approved things.” 

White told her viewers that she never received the two VIP wristbands she was promised, like many other invitees.  While White says that while she didn’t mind being a “normal person” having to pay for her own entry, it is not what was stated in her contract. 

While having to wait to buy her ticket, she reported that she, along with other influencers in her same position, were left in the hot sun and deprived of water and food. 

“I felt like cattle on a content farm,” said White.

According to White, over two thirds of Revolve’s sales are thanks to influencers. “Do better Revolve,” White wrote following the previous claim mentioned.

Since their disaster of an event, the brand has been receiving backlash and influencers are pulling out of their partnerships with Revolve.