ILS To Graduate 60 Student-Athletes


Anthony Yero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Immaculata La-Salle High School is home to over 400 athletes ranging from the 18 sports different sports and 27 teams. 60 student-athletes from the 2020 class will move onto the next chapter of their life.

“To the class of 2020, I thank you for all your hard work and dedication to ILS and ILS Athletics,” said Head Athletic Director Nick Fernandez.

“I have had the chance to really get to know a lot of you over the past couple of years and grow closer. It’s truly been a pleasure for me to be able to be the athletic director of such an amazing school with great student-athletes. Y’all are such an amazing class with so much energy and love for each other. The class of 2020 is like no other!

“Remember not to be afraid of growth and change. Embrace it! Worry about the things you can control in this life, which are your attitude and effort. Dream big and make sure you come back to visit us! Together WE ARE ROYALS! God Bless all of you!”

During the last four years, this class has helped produced six district championships, 2 regional championships, 1 South Florida Softball Conference Championship, a state runner-up, and a state championship.

The graduating ILS student-athletes are as follows:


  • Deondre Dozier
  • Andy Abreu
  • Jacques Calixte
  • Francis Coronado– St.Thomas University Football
  • Zachary Barrios- St.Thomas University Football
  • Marcello Aedo (Soccer & Track and Field)
  • Gianluca Conci
  • Dominique Vidal
  • Lafonzo Ruffin Jr– Davenport University Football
  • Francisco Quintero

Boys’ Soccer

  • Marcello Aedo (Football & Track and Field)
  • Kamani Turner– Florida Gulf Coast Soccer
  • Horacio Rodriguez
  • Miguel Valle
  • Mateo Munizaga
  • Juan Diego Cozzo
  • Santiago Ballestas

Girls’ Soccer



Girls’ Volleyball

Boys’ Volleyball


  • Najib Chafra
  • Julian Guerra

Boys’ Basketball

Girls’ Basketball

  • Sabrina Verite

Cross Country

  • Sebastian Calogne (Track and Field)
  • Gabriella Caputo (Tennis, & Track and Field)
  • Mateo Munizaga
  • Jordy Perez (Lacrosse)
  • Andre Quade (Track and Field)


  • Horacio Rodriguez
  • Baltazar Costa Peuser


  • Arianna Perez
  • Gabriella Caputo (Cross Country & Track and Field)
  • Jose Luis Lopez De Ayala


Track and Field

  • Marcello Aedo (Football & Soccer)
  • Jacques Calixte (Football)
  • Sebastian Calogne (Cross Country)
  • Gabriella Caputo (Tennis & Cross Country)
  • Sofia Concepcion (Soccer)
  • Gianluca Conci (Football)
  • Francis Coronado (Football)
  • Isabella Perez-Abreu
  • Katia Perez-Sanchez
  • Mateo Munizaga (Soccer)
  • Lafonzo Ruffin (Football & Basketball)
  • Isabella Sanchez
  • Anabel Toledo (Soccer)
  • Kamani Turner (Soccer)
  • Dominique Vidal (Football)
  • Andrea Fonte (Volleyball)


  • Andrew Yero
  • Gabriel Perdomo
  • Ernesto Walter
  • Jordy Perez (Cross Country)