Tips to Freshman from a Senior


ILS juniors in the engineering class are building their own compost bins.

Bianca Sanz, Writer

As a Freshman it’s hard to adjust to a new school, especially virtually. But By following these tips, you will have the most enjoyable high school experience.


Please do not get lazy with your work starting freshman year. It’s very important to keep your grades up because as freshman it’s the year you begin to build up your GPA.

You can get a planner to write down your assignments or even download a homework app to help you organize. (It helped me a lot!)

TIP #2 Do challenge yourself

Instead of going the easy way, pick a club, elective, or activity that’s out of your comfort zone. Plus, you’ll feel super accomplished when you end up succeeding.

Also, don’t be scared to do something that you think is embarrassing. Embrace whatever you want to do and have fun with it, no matter what people think.

TIP # 3 Make new friends

High school’s also about making friends (maybe even life-long ones), so hang out with them on the weekends and enjoy being around new faces.

Having at least one friend in each class is a big help and is highly recommended. That friend could introduce you to more people and help as academic support and can serve as a contact person if you were absent from class or have any questions.

You”ll be around almost the same people for 4 years, so the faster y’all get comfortable being around each other as friends, the better.

TIP #4 Balance is KEY

School’s important, but so is a social life and taking some pressure off. You can get straight A’s in all AP classes, but absolutely no clubs or other activities doesn’t look good on a college application.

Also don’t forget your family because they are always the people who you can rely on. Don’t let your friends consume all your time, choose a day to just hang out with your family and do your favorite things with them.

Relaxing is so important in school and in your social life. Learning how to balance now will definitely prepare you for college, when you have to balance even more stuff.

TIP #5 Don’t cram the night before

Cramming the night before a quiz or test is extremely stressful and you don’t have to do it. You’ll probably do better on the exam if you don’t cram everything in your head.

When you find out you have a quiz, just study throughout the period of time you have until the day of the test. Get yourself into the habit of studying before test and on the night before just review over everything one last time.

TIP #6 Don’t give in to peer pressure

Although everyone says it, it’s true! You have to be yourself! Classmates and teachers will respect you more if you don’t follow a crowd.

It takes a lot of courage to be your own person and to be comfortable in your own skin, but doing this will boost your confidence.

Hopefully these tips will help you freshman survive high school!