Miranda Dunbar: Never Stopping


Mariana Ortega Ruiz

Sophomore Miranda Dunbar and her best friend, fellow sophomore Lucia Gonzalez after a match.

Miguel Gomez, Writer

Some upperclassmen get lucky, receiving their first car as a present, but sophomore Miranda Dunbar is building her own method of transportation—herself.

All her efforts will take her on a tough journey with many speed bumps..

Dunbar, who plays JV volleyball, says the sport is something she really connects with, and even though she might struggle here and there, she never stops.

“Probably just to be great at volleyball…I guess I haven’t achieved it yet because there’s so many girls, so it’s hard to stand out, but it’s gonna happen,” she said.

Sports mean different things to the athletes who play them. While volleyball is a place where Dunbar can be competitive and do what she knows, it also helps her gain other important lessons.

“I do volleyball because I find a way to de-stress… It’s really fun. Once you get into the moment, you actually enjoy it a lot. It makes me feel good, like I’m helping out my team,” she added.

Not only is she a skilled player on the court, but she is also hitting the books to become a conscientious student. Only she knows how much work she puts in, and even though not everyone understands it, she wants those who do get it to know her for that determination.

“I see what she’s doing on and off the court, and I like that about her,” Dunbar said is what she wants others to see in her.

Behind Dunbar, there are the parents who support her in whatever she sets her mind, and pick her up when she falls. It’s challenging to find balance as student-athlete, so she is working on not stressing out so much.

“It’s kind of weird, but future me… I want to look back and remember I was hard-working, and I want to be the best person I can be,” she said.

Her friends are also something Dunbar has valued for her entire life. She keeps her friendships real and she will not wrong any of them.

“I may seem like a hard exterior, but on the inside I’m a very sweet person…If you’re my friend, I’ll always be there for you. I’m loyal,” she said.

“She’s been one of my best friends since 1st grade; she’s a really good person and I’m proud to see her excel.” said her sophomore and best friend, Lucia Gonzalez.