Celebrity News: Are Hunter Schafer and Domonic Fike a New Couple?



The two spotted holding hands.

Daniella Jansen, Writer

Euphoria stars Hunter Schafer and Domonic Fike are spotted holding hands. As we all know, the hit series on HBO Max, Euphoria season two, has started airing. Hunter Schafer is known for playing Jules in season one, and Domonic Fike is a new character who has just been introduced as playing Elliot, one of the main characters in season two. The two were seen having dinner at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Sunday. The so-called “couple” have been rumored to have been spotted “kissing” and “dancing” as they were later joined by some of their co-stars, including Jacob Elordi and Alexa Demie. Their characters in the show are supposedly in a “love triangle” with one of the show’s protagonists, Rue, played by Zendaya. Is there real chemistry between them or is it just merely on screen acting? There are a lot of mixed feelings about the matter.

Anonymous source from ILS says, “I think it’s a publicity stunt, but if they are a couple, I think it’s really cute, and I support it.”

Another anonymous source says it’s an unexpected couple and they don’t know what to believe.

Daniella Castro, a senior here at ILS shares her opinion. “After the new season came out, I think they got closer and started dating. I think it’s real and I ship them.”

Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike at the Season 2 Euphoria Premiere (Popsugar)