Ways to Prevent Getting Sick this Season

Ways to Prevent Getting Sick this Season

Sasha Kuntz, Writer

This time of the year, so many people are getting sick. With the spread of the flu, and even corona virus, making sure to live a healthy lifestyle is really important. 

Going to school everyday, and anywhere where there is a lot of people, can make people very susceptible to viruses and illnesses, but there are also many ways to prevent that from happening. 

Most important things first, keep your hands clean. From eating, using your phone, and touching things that are used every day, your hands can pick up some nasty germs that don’t need spreading. Make sure to keep colds away by regularly washing them well with an antibacterial soap. 

Sometimes running to a bathroom with running water and soap can be inconvenient, so in a time crunch, hand sanitizer can be a great alternative. Wiping down surfaces that are used by many people daily, and practicing good hygiene is one of the best things to do during “sick season”. 

Another great and easy way to prevent sickness is getting enough sleep, and eating healthy. When your body is running on low good fuel, it causes the immune system to lower and it is much easier to pick up a cold. 

During this season, fruits and vegetables can be your best friends; providing the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy. Vitamins C, D, and zinc are essential for better immunity, and if green foods aren’t part of your diet, taking a multivitamin can help. 

Another way to boost your immune system is by being active. Even a short thirty-minute workout every day can help your body fight off infections. 

Lastly, try and keep your distance from people who are sick, and be careful while sharing food and drinks with others. Also, try and think of others if the bug got you, like sneezing into your elbow. 

If you wake up with a sore throat one too many times, these tips might be the few things missing in your day to day life.