Instagram Live Workouts and Mediations to Try

Instagram Live Workouts and Mediations to Try

Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

Most people struggle to stay active around the house since there is little motivation to workout and don’t know what exercises to do. During this quarantine many trainers and gyms have put out daily workouts for people to do for free.

These workouts last from 30 minutes to 1 hour and most of them only require body weight as the only equipment. 

One of the most popular among people here in Miami right now is @ro54d. This is a Mexican high performance coach that posts daily workouts on his instagram live from Monday to Saturday. 

His classes consist on mostly high cardio exercises combined with muscle work. Rodrigo does the workouts every day at 11am, but the live is available for 24 hours if people want to do the workout later.

Carolina De Nuñez, a class of 2020 student, said, “Ro is probably one of the most intense instagram workouts I have tried, but he is also really motivating and makes sure you don’t stop.” 

He lives in Miami and the workout classes are typically taught in both English and Spanish. 

Another Instagram live workout is Barry’s Bootcamp (@barrys). This class focuses on strength and cardio interval-based training. 

This workout is not easy, but the trainers are fun and enthusiastic. They are streaming daily about twice a day and the workouts last about 30 minutes. 

Most of their classes only include body weight and a mat, but others may include resistance bands that have three levels of intensity. 

Equinox (@equinox) is another gym that has gone to instagram live to share their classes. This account doesn’t do workouts, but they do meditation every day at 6pm on weekdays and at 12pm on weekends. Meditation is really helpful to de stress and specially in times like these. 

These instagram workouts will definitely keep people active and healthy, and if the lives aren’t enough people may also see some others on YouTube. Some that are recommended are popsugar fitness and the fitness marshal. 

It is hard to stay home for so long, but these workouts will keep people active and healthy during this pandemic.