Dancers Prepare For Competition


The ILS Dance team has a major competition coming this Sunday.

Ella Perez, Writer

On January 11, 2019, the ILS Lionettes held a mock competition in the school gym in preparation for the actual competition on Sunday. The purpose of the mock competition was to give the dancers the experience of what the real competition is going to consist of.

The dancers had to perform their dances in front of three real judges who would score the dances based on technique, correct spacing, musicality of execution, and more. 

The first judge was Mrs. Jillian Torgas Leyva who is an experienced choreographer, dancer, award winning teacher of a So You Think You Can Dance winner, and a young arts winner.

The second judge was Ms. Renata who is dancer, model, and actress.The third judge was Ms. Laura Palacios Rodriguez who has been dancing since a young age and is the principal dancer of the New Century Dance Company.

 The dancers had to report to the gym at 7:45 a.m. with their hair and makeup done with their costumes at hand. At 9:30 a.m the competition started with the contemporary dance called “Legends” and the parents were able to watch.

The ILS Dance team preps for the coming competition.

After, the senior soloists Katie Garcia, Ella Perez, and Andrea Lavista performed. Finally, the whole team finished off the competition with their “Le Jazz Hot” piece. 

Coach Janelys Gonzalez believes the girls have worked very hard and have definitely improved since the beginning of the year. 

“Competition is right around the corner. The girls have been practicing every week, for long hours. I am so proud with their commitment to the team and their persistence in wanting to place in competition. I think that the mock trial really helped in preparing the girls for what the actual competition is going to be like,” she said. 

Placing in competition is important to the Lionettes dance team because throughout the years they have been considered a club rather than sport. If they place at competition, they will be able to hold not only the title of placing at competition, but the opportunity to be called a sport. Their competition will be held on January 19th, at Hialeah High School.